Why Us

The power of positive surprise -Just like our company owner Homer will try to hit a homer when it comes to exceeding your expectations. Simply put, we will try our hardest to beat and exceed your expectations so you feel valued, also we pride ourselves on quality. We desire to instill a sense of awe, astonishment, Joy, or just some relief whenever you need something printed.


We never celebrate mediocrity. – If we aren’t satisfied with the quality of your print (We Have Some High Standards), we throw it in the recycle bin and start over. If it unfortunately happens, we won’t quit until your project looks exceptional.


Have An Impossible Deadline? Give Us A Call! – Are you in a jam because of a tight deadline? Thanks for giving us the opportunity to help. Let us do everything in our power to try and help you. It’s a beautiful sight to see the look of relief on a stressed-out customer’s face when we come through in an unexpected way. It truly makes us happy to be in business. So how can we help you?


We answer the phone. – We understand how mentally and physically frustrating it is to try and call a business and they give you a robot picking up the phone. We personally pick up our phones so your time isn’t wasted and you feel part of our family. Also, we actually enjoy talking to you, so everybody wins.


Honesty counts.  When you order 500 or even 2500 envelopes we want to insure that you get what you paid for. If that means we spend an extra couple of minutes on ensuring the exact amount, if not maybe a little extra, we will do the count in a heartbeat. 


Happy employees – We make sure the company is an enjoyable place to work. We ensure that the projects you give us are not just another “meaningless” job but a project we pour our hearts into.


“Why only swing for a base when you can hit a homer”

Homer Schmucker