5th Color Printing

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5th Color Digital Printing at AccuPRINT

Welcome to AccuPRINT, where innovation meets excellence in printing solutions. Our 5th color digital printing service offers a world of possibilities to enhance your print materials. With the ability to expand the color gamut, achieve stunning neon and neon blend colors, add clear accents, and incorporate white printing, our 5th color printing sets your projects apart from the rest.

At AccuPRINT, we pride ourselves on delivering high-quality, eye-catching print materials that leave a lasting impression. Explore the key aspects of our 5th color printing service and discover how it can elevate your brand and captivate your audience.

Clear Ink Enhancement

You can now elevate your print materials with our clear ink enhancement services. With AccuPRINT's 5th Color digital printing, you can achieve an expanded color gamut, including amazing neon and neon blend colors, clear accent, white printing, and more. Our clear print option delivers a high-end gloss finish, adding sophistication to product images, photos, and logos. Whether it's business cards, menus, fashion catalogs, or event programs, clear enhancements impart a sense of elegance that reflects the quality of your brand.

White Ink Printing

Move beyond the basics with white ink printing. This option opens up a world of creative possibilities, allowing you to print on colored media while retaining full-color image accuracy. Photos, graphics, and logos remain vibrant, making your brand stand out. Use white ink as a base layer for darker media to create striking contrasts or simulate metallic effects. Ideal for industries like event marketing, retail, beauty, and hospitality, white printing adds depth and dimension to your designs.

Neon Pink and Neon Yellow

Add a vibrant pop to your marketing materials with neon pink and neon yellow. Our neon color options draw attention to fundraising materials, direct mail, retail displays, seasonal specials, fashion catalogs, and packaging. Beyond their standalone impact, neon colors can also be blended with CMYK to create unique shades and expand your color gamut. Explore the possibilities and elevate your brand with these bold color choices.

UV Security Printing Enhancement

Ensure the security of your printed materials with our UV security printing enhancement. Our invisible red UV security printing is nearly undetectable to the naked eye but becomes visible under UV LED light. Use this feature to protect high-value redeemable print materials like gift certificates, tickets, and event passes from counterfeiting. With its affordability for short runs, you can implement security measures confidently and cost-effectively.

File Preparation and Color Charts

Designing for 5th Color printing requires a basic understanding of Adobe Creative Suite software. To assist you in preparing your design files, we provide PDF instruction sheets. Additionally, we offer printed color charts showcasing the vibrant colors achievable with neon pink and neon yellow. Contact us to request a copy and explore the stunning possibilities of AccuPRINT's 5th Color digital printing.

Experience the Difference with AccuPRINT

At AccuPRINT, we are committed to delivering high-quality printing solutions that meet your unique needs. With our 5th Color digital printing capabilities, you can take your print materials to the next level. Contact us today to learn more about how we can elevate your brand with our color printing services in Las Vegas.